GYHS Events for 2015

Saturday, October 24th for our 20th Anniversary of GYHS becoming a designated historic landmark!
See flier for more info!
There are lots of changes, if you've visited before! Come, see!
Guided tours continue most months on 2nd Saturday and 4th Sunday, 10:00 a.m. to noonish, most months, subject to public requests and availability of docents.
Reservations required. If we don't know you're coming, we might not be at the gate to let you in. Call or email at least by Friday, please -- preferably by Wednesday. You can still stop by on the day of the tour to see if you meet up with us.

our email address: email (
our volunteer scheduler's phone number: 408-314-7185

Full Moon Camp-Outs served to deter vandalism, but at this time, the Camp Outs are limited to approved park volunteers.

Volunteer Work Days!
The preservation contractor and volunteers are working most Mondays and many Saturdays. You are welcome to join them. You must let us know you're interested
Again, if we don't know you're coming, we might not be at the gate to let you in.

(Note: Sheriff tickets cars parked outside the gate, and Rangers cite trespassers who go pass the gate without permission. If we don't have your name on our list, you're a trespasser.)
Contractor supervised work is related to the building restorations - removing dirt from beside the exterior walls, some roofing, some building preparation. Gloves, shovels, hoes, goggles, dust masks are handy, if you have them. Bring picnic lunch and drinking water. We let you park inside the gate when you volunteer. Again - you must let us know before you can join us for volunteer work.

Other work is limited to general road clearance of overgrowth, and may include undergrowth control, or minor repair.
Registration required. Bring work gloves and gardening tools, picnic lunch, and drinking water.
Ranger John hopes to form a work party to paint out the grafitti under the Coyote Creek Bridge. Can you help?

Add your name & email to the list of interested people. We will share more soon.
Yes -- we'll need volunteers to help!

Want to become a GYHS volunteer? We look forward to working with you!
Email us or call (1-408-314-7185) to find out how.

And if you have ideas & resources for more events, please email us email (, or phone (1-408-314-7185).

Volunteer jobs:
For the Oct 24th event:
  • Parking Assistants Yes - I'll help with parking
  • Tour Guides Yes - I've been trained
  • Food for volunteers - procure, prepare, deliver, serve
    Set-up (Friday all day & Saturday 7-9 a.m.)Yes - I'll feed volunteers>/a>
  • Display docents (make note of questions & contact info for responses)Yes - I'll sit & smile a lot.
  • Videography & interviewing (have camera & recorder?) Yes - I'll film & record
  • Food sales (? procure & deliver everything related to food for public - permits, supplies, screened tent, aprons, gloves, etc.) Yes - I'll do it!
  • Exhibitors - noncommercial, informational, educational, hands-on, related to healthy living Yes - I'm interested in exhibiting
  • EntertainmentYes - I can provide entertainment - perform, demonstrate, teach

    Other volunteer needs:
    Officers    Board members    Docents   
    Event support    Memberships    Projects   
    Fundraising    Publicity    Website   
    Safety    Photography    Communications   

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